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Control -- Writer's Poke #147

For Writers:

Our junior high basketball team was going to State, and three busloads of excited kids went to cheer them on to victory. 

During the game, they must have been offering an all-you-can-drink special, because I remember drinking coke after coke. The teachers reminded us to hit the bathroom before we got back on the bus, because the bus would not be stopping for any reason on the four-hour trip home. 

Yes, I used the bathroom before getting on the bus. And no, that didn't save me. About an hour into the trip, I recognized that my bladder was quite full. I felt the bus hit every bump, and the girl sitting next to me noticed that I had suddenly got very quiet, and about five shades whiter than normal. She quickly evacuated to another seat.

Just tell them you need to stop, some of my friends advised, but I knew they weren't going to stop for me. One of my friends even yelled out that if the bus didn't stop, there'd be a mess to clean up later, but the teacher just scoffed and said, "We warned you to use the bathroom before you got on the bus."

Somehow I made it the entire way without pissing myself. I was sitting in the back, but as soon as the bus pulled into the school parking lot, all of the kids waited for me to get off first. Squeezing my legs tightly as I walked, I got in mom's car and asked her to drive to the nearest restroom. A minute later, I was standing in front of the urinal at Dairy Queen, and although I didn't time it, I'm sure I stood there peeing for a solid two minutes.

Have you ever peed your pants, or witnessed someone that has? Describe the circumstances. 

"Happiness is like peeing in your pants, everyone else can see it, but only you can feel the warmth." -- Amanda Goodinson


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