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The Flannel Years -- Writer's Poke #164

For Writers:

When I discover a clothing style that I like, I end up buying every design from a specific brand that I can find.

For a while I went through a flannel shirt phase. Bergner's carried these light-weight flannels, and they were really soft and comfortable. Eventually, I probably owned fifteen or twenty of them, but after a season of wear, I was bored with the look.

Recently married, my wife and I were not making much money, but Linda was happy to take my hand-me-down flannel shirts so that I could add a new style to my wardrobe. So for the next two years, Linda wore men's flannel shirts, even during the hot Mississippi summers.

Looking back on it now, we fondly remember this time as our "flannel years." And while we're curious, there will never be any way to find this out: because she wore men's flannel shirts all of the time, how many people thought Linda was a lesbian?

Think back through your life. Pick one period and describe it. What would you dub that period?

"Life is a series of commas, not periods." -- Matthew McConaughey


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