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How Do You Like Your Eggs? -- Writer's Poke #166

For Writers:

So, how do you like your eggs? I like mine scrambled, but my wife prefers her symmetrical. Confused? Me too.

Some things you just don't learn about a person until you've lived with them. Take egg distribution, for example. The average egg carton contains twelve eggs. Well, when you remove the first egg from the container, what happens? You have an unfortunate imbalance.

But when you remove that second egg, you have a choice to make things right. If the first egg selected was bottom row furthest to the left, then the next egg selected must be top row furthest to the right. That is, if symmetry is your game.

Why is symmetry so important? It's all about balance. Take two eggs from the left side of the cartoon, for example, and watch how much heavier the right side becomes. The difference in weight between the two sides could cause the remaining eggs to spontaneously explode, and who wants to clean up that kind of mess in the kitchen?

What idiosyncratic habits have you noticed in a partner or roommate? Are you guilty of any yourself?

"Balance is beautiful." -- Miyoko Ohno


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