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Leaving My Mark -- Writer's Poke #139

For Writers:

It was the middle of the night, and I really couldn't remember where I was. The room was completely dark, and I stumbled over to the corner.

A picture of Marilyn Monroe hung on the wall, and her face seemed to emit a faint glow. Under her picture was a small cabinet. Still half asleep, I pulled open one of the drawers and thought I was standing in front of a urinal.

Before I could do any damage, Matt walked through the door, saw what I was about to do to his cabinet, and suggested that I might want use the toilet in his bathroom instead. With the flip of the light switch, the room got bright, and the cabinet that I thought was a urinal became a cabinet again.

Describe your most embarrassing moment; or, tell a story about the most inappropriate place that you've ever used the bathroom.

"Excuse me, everybody, I have to go to the bathroom. I really have to telephone, but I'm too embarrassed to say so." -- Dorothy Parker


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