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My Personal Alfred -- Writer's Poke #149

For Writers:

Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler, has always been one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe. He's obviously so much more than a butler. He is Bruce's base manager and confidant; but more than that, he's family -- the only family Bruce has, and probably the one person that helped him stay sane after watching as his parents were brutally murdered.

On our last cruise, we upgraded to a penthouse suite, and with the penthouse came a butler. How would we use a butler, we wondered? Sure, he fixed our fancy coffeemaker, he brought our evening snacks, and he kept our mini-fridge stocked with cokes, but it's hard to develop a meaningful relationship with anyone when the cycle lasts only seven days.

As I said, he was more the butler to the penthouse than he was our personal Alfred.

What function would a butler (or any kind of personal assistant) serve in your life? Would having your own personal Alfred change your life?


Would you rather serve or be served?

"Well done, good and faithful servant" -- Matthew 25:23


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