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Releasing Private Thoughts to the Public -- Writer's Poke #156

For Writers:

More so than most normal people, writers make a practice of sharing private thoughts publicly. Fiction writers might disguise their ideas by putting the thoughts and actions into another character, but when one reads an author's body of work, it's generally pretty easy to determine when an author is just using a character as a spokesperson for the creator's own beliefs.

For most normal people, there seems to be value in keeping part of yourself private. But is this belief misguided?

One high school instructor I know of, for example, will not even divulge any personal information on his Facebook page. Why? Because he doesn't want that information to get into the wrong hands. But again, I'm not sure exactly what he thinks is so worth hiding.

Perhaps he's trying to hide the fact that he is human?

What are you hiding? Find a way to release your private thoughts to the world.

"We are all alike on the inside." -- Mark Twain


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