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American Idol Syndrome -- Writer's Poke #185

Some contestants on American Idol know they suck. They just want their fifteen minutes of fame, and if that means that they have to make asses of themselves, then that's exactly what they're willing to do.

Why we watch, though, and I admit it's a bit sad, is to see the hopes and dreams smashed to bits of those that genuinely believe they have Kelly Clarkson's voice. When they sing, they don't hear themselves as being capable of making dogs cry. Quite the opposite; these people think they're superstars.

What's even more scary is that some people are "tone deaf" in much more profound ways.

Take the political party you love to hate, the religious leader that has the direct hotline to God, or the smirking boss at work that never asks for your advice. Describe the attitude that makes people "tone deaf" to different ideas and alternative points of view.

"It's like Randy went deaf this year. I don't know what happened." -- Simon Cowell


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