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Cover Your Crack -- Writer's Poke #194

My mother keeps a scrapbook for Octavia, her first and only grandchild.

Actually, as my mom admits, it's more a scrapbook for herself, but it contains a lot of Octavia pictures. It also contains a lot of Mormon quotes and things that she's snipped out of magazines -- things that may or may not be Tavi-related.

And it's kind of scrapbooking on the cheap. Mom simply uses regular notebooks for scrapbooks, because after all, why go to all the expense of buying the appropriate materials when notebooks work just as well. More or less.

What really bothers me about her scrapbooks, besides all the Mormon quotes, is the censorship of one particular photograph. Linda took a picture of Tavi enjoying a bath, and in this picture, she's laying on her stomach with her bare butt exposed. My mom apparently thought the picture was too racy, and she placed a sticker over Tavi's crack.

Funny thing is, my mom must really like this picture. She has the same shot hanging up on the wall in her bathroom. But the offending crack is still covered -- not with a sticker this time, but with another headshot of Tavi.

What are your immediate thoughts about nudity? Yours, or otherwise.

"In theory I'm naked underneath" -- David Radcliffe


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