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Three Wishes -- Writer's Poke #172

If I were somehow granted three wishes, my initial reaction would be to wish for health, wealth, and happiness.

But why wish for things that are within my power to control? That is, at least to some extent, I control the power to be healthy, wealthy, and happy. To "wish" for these things seems to indicate that they must be given to me by a power greater than myself. And I reject that.

So what's worth wishing for? What about something like World Peace? That's something that a lot of people would like to see happen, but is it worth wishing for?

What I'm working through in my own mind is: when does the wish eliminate a person's willingness to work for it? If we can work for world peace, then why sit around wishing for it?

Save the wishes for the impossible. If it's possible, you don't need a Genie. Just the willingness to believe and work hard.

So, if you had three wishes, what would you wish for? And more importantly, knowing there's no one around to grant you three wishes, how can you achieve the three things you've selected?

"Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes; lesser ones exist on wishes and inclinations." -- Kenneth Hilderbrand


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