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Truth and Taffy -- Writer's Poke #186

"Sometimes you tell the truth
Like you're pulling taffy."
-- from "Taffy" by Lisa Loeb

How in the world is pulling taffy related to telling the truth?

According to, pulling taffy "aerates it, or incorporates many tiny air bubbles throughout the candy. This makes it lighter and chewier."

The process itself can be quite strenuous to the one doing the pulling, because it requires "stretching it out and folding it in half, then stretching and folding again, over and over, until you may reach the point of exhaustion."

Now imagine telling the truth like this. But then remember the pay off -- a "lighter and chewier" truth.

Develop another metaphor for telling the truth that is as innovative and as descriptive as Lisa Loeb's "Taffy."

"If you're going to tell the truth, be funny of they'll kill you." -- Billy Wilder


  1. Was that why they killed Jesus, Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, et al, ad inf


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