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What's Your Price? -- Writer's Poke #236

Back in the late 1980s, a professional wrestler named Ted Dibiase took on the moniker of "The Million Dollar Man." The gimmick made him one of the most hated heels in the business, and his signature laugh told everyone that he had the money to do whatever he wanted.

Back in those days, wrestlers still lived their characters 24/7, and wrestling promoter Vince McMahon would pay for Dibiase to be driven around in limos, fly first class, and utilize the services of a personal servant/body guard, Virgil. When Dibiase couldn't buy the World Title, he simply had the Million Dollar Belt created.

"Everybody's got a price" was Dibiase's catch-phrase, and maybe fans loved to hate him because they recognized the truth in that statement. Who can blame the rich for acting rich? Wouldn't we all act like the Million Dollar Man if given the chance?

Of course the ultimate price movie, Indecent Proposal, came out in 1993. Yes, Demi Moore's character did accept the million dollar offer from Robert Redford's character, and it almost ruined her marriage. But in the end, Redford learns that while everyone does have a price, there are still some things that cannot be bought.

You can buy a sexual fantasy, but you cannot buy true love.

What would you do for a billion dollars? a million dollars? five dollars?

"Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all." -- Alexander the Great


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