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Friendship's Orbit -- Writer's Poke #251

Earth, as we know, is the perfect distance from the Sun for human life. Venus is too hot and Mars is too cold, but the Earth is like Goldilocks's porridge: just right.

The gravitational pull of the Sun is pretty incredible, though, when you think about how far away a planet like Neptune is. In fact, scientists believe that there are celestial bodies farther out than the dwarf world of Pluto that still find themselves in orbit around the Sun.

Tonight I was just sitting around thinking about love, as I am wont to do, and I thought: people have orbits, too. Think about the friend that you don't see for a year, for example. Everyone seems to have someone like that, a Haley's comet friend that they can "pick right up with" as though no time has passed by. And then there are the people you interact with daily, much like the Moon interacts with the Earth, say.

Some people might be like the Sun, attracting a whole solar system of folks, whereas others might be more like one of the planets, a moon, or a meteor. Is all of this preordained? Are we stuck in orbit for good? Are we limited to the space we occupy and the people that occupy the orbits around us?

Describe your orbit of friendship. Who revolves around you? Do you revolve around others?

"All humans are interconnected, one with all other elements in creation." -- Henry Reed


  1. Is this a hint saying that I should come out for a visit?

  2. Of course. It's been about 30 months, right? And anyway, Linda and I OWE you some payback on the 2 Buck Chuck...


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