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The Object of Desire -- Writer's Poke #246

My wife would have you believe that I'm a sexy beast. But here's the world's worst kept secret: For just about everyone in the world except her, I'm not.

Would I mind being a popular object of desire? That's an interesting question. And I guess the answer would be: no, I wouldn't mind, as long as being objectified didn't turn me into a Fabio-style running joke.

It's always made me curious, though: how do hot chicks feel about being sexualized? Do they dig it? Children, I know there's no right or wrong answer to my query, but most must. Although we've been told that the objectification of women is wrong, because it inevitably leads to viewing women as less than human, we know that such a belief is incomplete. In fact, such a belief is probably more damaging than the potential problem it warns us against.

Tangent: Ever notice that no one complains if you objectify someone for their IQ? Maybe it's time for fans of Einstein to unite and put an end to intellectual objectification once and for all.

Do you need to be desired?


Would you ever post provocative pictures of yourself to the Internet? If you would, what would be your incentive (other than financial)? If you would not, is there any incentive (including financial) that would make you change your mind?

"Check out the big brain on Brett!" -- Samuel L. Jackson, from Pulp Fiction


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