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Ban Millionaires from Congress

First, I know that rich people are people too. And yes, rich people have rights.

But of the 535 members of congress, how many do you think have a net worth of a million dollars or more? I'll bet you a donut the number is far greater than the national average.

Which leads to the question: can rich people effectively govern in the best interests of members of the non-rich classes?

No one likes to talk about class these days, I realize that. God forbid someone be labelled as trying to ignite class warfare, just for pointing out the obvious.


According to, the answer is 237. So, 237 out of the 535 members of congress are millionaires; but only seven have a net worth of $100 million or more. That's some comfort, I guess...


  1. I'd argue that 1 million isn't enough to be of concern. I know many many people who are millionaires (that's silicon valley for you). It just doesn't mean that much. It's not enough to cover you for the rest of your life.


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