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Breguet's $96,000 watch (and my 4%)

I thought I would try to "monetize" my blog, but to make it worth my while, I cannot simply recommend nickel and dime items.

Therefore, for your careful consideration, I present the Breguet Classique Tourbillion Messidor Men's Rose Gold Watch. This may be the most expensive item available for purchase through; and, if someone were to actually buy one through my referred link, I would supposedly earn 4% of the purchase price as an "amazon associate." That's about $3,870 for each watch sold through my referred link.

So to Oprah, Bill Gates, the former CEO of BP, and all of my friends: please consider buying this lovely time piece. I'm sure that you'll find it worth every penny. And, you can joke to your friends that time, in this case, really is money.

(Please note that every watch comes with a full two-year warranty, and shipping is only $9.95 -- very reasonable, considering the cost of the product being sent.)


  1. I've noticed the price of the watch has gone up $23,000. Don'tcha wish you would have bought it for $96,000? What a steal...

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