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CHARON "The Cure" from A-sides, B-sides & Suicides

A-Sides B-Sides & Suicides

"The Cure" is the new song on Charon's Greatest Hits (and Beginnings) album. The "suicides" part of the album showcases the band's Death Metal beginnings. That's not my scene, but fans of Death Metal might dig it. Otherwise, the first disc is basically a greatest hits walk down memory lane. The second disc includes the bands early stuff, including some demo songs that sound like they could be off the band's first studio album.

Wanna buy this album in the U.S.? Good luck on that. When I checked last, A-Sides B-Sides & Suicides was not even available on iTunes, unless you know the trick. The trick is: Set your account to iTunes Finland. If you scroll down on your account, you'll notice the U.S. flag; click on it, and you can change your status to any country that iTunes serves. That way, you can buy the album -- or if you're like me, just "The Cure."

I like the new song. To me, it's "mellow." It's been 5 years since Charon's last studio album, and that's way too long, but "The Cure" is a good fix in the interval.


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