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Fruit Infusion Pitcher? Heck yeah!

It's a subtle change, yes, but once you drink fruit-infused water for a few weeks, you will notice what "regular" water tastes like in comparison.

Week 1, I tried kiwi and strawberry.
Week 2: oranges
Week 3: watermelon

I've also heard good things about cucumber. The thought of that doesn't turn me on, but I'll give it a shot shortly.

Benefits? It's calorie free. And the fruit lasts all week. My recommendation is to change the fruit every 5-to-7 days, though. I left the watermelon in for 9 days, only to discover some mold on the inside top. Basically, you can tell when it's time to change the fruit by its discoloration. But I'd say every 5 days to be on the safe side...

Good little product for those interested in a "healthy alternative."


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