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Choose It All

Why not have it all?

Gloria Steinem has now spoken, and she says the idea that women can "have it all" is a myth.

But since when did anyone want to have it "all" in the first place? I mean, other than Napoleon or Alexander the Great, say, no one really wants it all when they use that expression. And all that "having it all" every really meant, I think, is that we shouldn't settle for less than striving for what we want -- and I'm using "we" to include both genders.

If we want a career, great. If we want a family, great. And if we want other things in life, let's go get them. How do we know what we can or cannot have unless we go for it?

Sure, we have a limited amount of time and resources. To that extent, it's silly to think we can have "everything." Nevertheless, humans are capable of achieving far more when they try than they are when they simply submit and accept their limitations. Someone prove me wrong on this.

I, for one, would much rather be dissatisfied from trying to have it all and failing than settling for less and not even bothering to try. How about you?


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