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Christian Epic Fail

I'm not sure why, but even when I wanted to believe in Christianity, I could never buy into the literal interpretation of Genesis. Adam and Eve as real people. Really? Adam and Eve eating literal fruit and therefore casting the entire human race into sin and death. Really?

Years later, it no longer surprises me that people literally believe this. After all, most people don't stop and think about what they're taught. And, most people don't read. Add those two things together, and it's easy to see why people believe in a literal Genesis account.

For years, however, I've tuned out to the possibility that Christianity has any real value in my life. Not necessarily because of its worthy principles, but because of what people believe and teach. That, I realize now, is my own shortcoming.

When read properly, there's nothing wrong with the Genesis account as a metaphor. I can even buy into the need for Jesus and the Crucifixion, as long as it's interpreted metaphorically. Otherwise, the need for the Crucifixion of Jesus reads like a bad Superman graphic novel that people take for gospel.


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