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Have World, Will Travel

When I was 35, we vacationed in Europe for a week, and it was the first time I had left North America. I realized that I was closer to 40 than I was to 30, and I quietly made a goal to visit every continent by age 40.

Two years later, I'm no closer to completing that goal, although I still think about what it would take to make it happen.

Sometimes I think the goal is unrealistic, and I know that this is an attitude that makes it just that: unrealistic.

Others have even more ambitious goals, like seeing every country in the world. The dude at this link claims he's 149/192 countries into his goal, which he hopes to complete by 2013, his 35th birthday:

Bottom line: the world won't come to you. If you want to see the world, go see it. Make it happen.

And with the purchase of a 6-continent ticket, it looks like most of the goal could be knocked out in one trip. Cost for such a ticket: about $7000.


  1. Is this an extended cruise, or are you flying between locations? Also, over how long a period of time?

  2. Some day I'd love to do the World Cruise, but for this idea, I'm looking at flying. My goal would be to buy one ticket and then go to as many far-away places as allowed, or as time would permit. It would have to be sometime during summer. But one idea would be to hit Easter Island and just keep flying around the southern hemisphere until it was time to head back home...


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