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5 Years and 50 Cent Ago -- Writer's Poke #272

I teach college writing classes, but sometimes most of the students sitting in my classes are dually-enrolled high school Juniors and Seniors. And I know: I know that I'm old because most of the students I teach weren't even born when I graduated from high school.
And I know that I'm old because five years to me and five years to my students means something completely different.
Example: I ask my students if they listen to 50 Cent. "Yes," one volunteers, "like in 6th grade!" Doing some quick math, I realize that for her, 6th grade is five years ago. For her, five years is the difference between grade school and sitting in the college classroom. For me, five years is the difference between being married 5 years and being married 10 years.
In the past 5 years, I've seen significant changes in my life, to be sure. I completed my Ph.D., moved from Georgia to Minnesota, became a Dean, and decided to go back to teaching. My wife and I have traveled from Al…