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I Don't Want the Glory -- Writer's Poke #273

Larry David is at it again. This time, he's invaded my dreams with another one of his hilarious faux pas. It seems that he needed to buy a birthday gift for someone he didn't much like and hardly knew. But his wife insisted that he buy something nice. And that something turned out to be a licensed NFL jersey.

Knowing that such a jersey would cost $100 or more, Larry decides to explore a cheaper option: knockoff jerseys sold by street peddlers.

So he finds a good deal on a jersey, but it comes with a catch. The peddler asks him to deliver a jersey to an address in Harlem. Without thinking, Larry immediately reacts. "No!" he says. Seeing the peddler's shocked expression, Larry quickly understands that his reaction is inappropriate, and makes him appear racist.

Larry dislikes others thinking badly of him; smiling, he attempts this explanation: "I don't want the glory."

Have you ever used humility as a defense or as an excuse?

"If you tell the truth abo…