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Lullacry - The Autumn

Unfortunately, this album is out of print; fortunately, someone has uploaded all of it to Youtube. "The Autumn" is one of those songs that make you want to reflect. And drink, I suppose. Drink and drink and drink.But don't do that. Just reflect. That would be a good first step.Summer is short, and autumn will soon be here.Be happy. :)

CHARON "The Cure" from A-sides, B-sides & Suicides

A-Sides B-Sides & Suicides

"The Cure" is the new song on Charon's Greatest Hits (and Beginnings) album. The "suicides" part of the album showcases the band's Death Metal beginnings. That's not my scene, but fans of Death Metal might dig it. Otherwise, the first disc is basically a greatest hits walk down memory lane. The second disc includes the bands early stuff, including some demo songs that sound like they could be off the band's first studio album.

Wanna buy this album in the U.S.? Good luck on that. When I checked last, A-Sides B-Sides & Suicides was not even available on iTunes, unless you know the trick. The trick is: Set your account to iTunes Finland. If you scroll down on your account, you'll notice the U.S. flag; click on it, and you can change your status to any country that iTunes serves. That way, you can buy the album -- or if you're like me, just "The Cure."

I like the new song. To me, it's "mellow…

In Defense of the Dead -- Writer's Poke #276

Who was Thomas Jefferson? No simple answer for that question, but he continues to be appropriated and recreated for the purposes of the living. In his dirtnap state, he cannot defend himself. He cannot say, "That is not it at all. That is not what I meant at all" if someone attributes their own pet idea or philosophy to him.

Was he a man of Faith, as people like Glenn Beck claim? Faith in what sense?

Should he be seen as a symbol for freedom? As a symbol of any kind?

And why do the living arrange the biographical details of the dead to fit their individual ideals? Do we even care what Jefferson stood for? Do we care what kind of man he was? Or, rather, do we simply wish to use the dead to fit our model of how others should live?

What is the truth that the dead know?

"They refuse / to be blessed throat, eye, and knucklebone." -- Anne Sexton

The Book Tomb -- Writer's Poke #275

I had the rather hair-brained scheme that I would read all of the books in the library; well, not all of them, but all of the books in the History section -- a few thousand books at most.

With a little quick (and optimistic) math, I figured I could read a book a day; and after four years of college, that would equal a lot of books. Okay. Maybe not the entire History section, then, but why not dive into the books in the shelf in front of me? Surely I could read all of those.

The Stacks. What a wonderful place. Musty. Dusty. An elegant tomb full of books and artificial lighting. I could stay deep in its depths. It's where books come to die, but it's where I would go to live. I was going to record the Word on each individual brain cell.

Admittedly, I'm not normal, but I've always known that. Understand: college, after all, isn't a time for learning. It's a time for drinking mass quantities of booze, and chalking up carnal conquests. At least that's what the ma…

Fruit Infusion Pitcher? Heck yeah!

It's a subtle change, yes, but once you drink fruit-infused water for a few weeks, you will notice what "regular" water tastes like in comparison.

Week 1, I tried kiwi and strawberry.
Week 2: oranges
Week 3: watermelon

I've also heard good things about cucumber. The thought of that doesn't turn me on, but I'll give it a shot shortly.

Benefits? It's calorie free. And the fruit lasts all week. My recommendation is to change the fruit every 5-to-7 days, though. I left the watermelon in for 9 days, only to discover some mold on the inside top. Basically, you can tell when it's time to change the fruit by its discoloration. But I'd say every 5 days to be on the safe side...

Good little product for those interested in a "healthy alternative."