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The Bible 2.0 -- Writer's Poke #292

I would like to re-invent the Bible.

Actually, I would like to invite the best writers -- scientists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, politicians, novelists, etc. -- to take a stab at the themes in one "book" of their choice from the Bible.

Imagine, for example, if Richard Dawkins wrote an essay chapter called "Genesis," or if Al Gore wrote an essay chapter called "Revelation"?

I'm not suggesting that these authors just revise the books of the Bible they take on as their assignments. Instead, think about how a Positive Psychologist might explain the concept of optimism with the essay chapter called "Job." Think about how philosophers might handle the message expressed in the four gospels.

The goal of this project is much bigger than another "modern translation." Instead, it is to make the Bible relevant again. I see it as a way to encourage new thought, because as it is now, people are more or less "locked in" to their beliefs about what the Bible "says" or what it's "worth."

Which book of the Bible would you like to re-invent, and how would a re-invention of that book add new life to the tired old story?

"The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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