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Cheetos Addiction -- Writer's Poke #296

Addiction is one of those funny words that has fallen into imprecise, general usage. Can someone really be addicted to Cheetos, for example? But when we are questioned about eating the whole bag, we might excuse our gluttony by saying, "These things are so addictive!"

Granted, addictions are real, but what is the difference between an addiction and a lack of willpower? And, are all "addictions" necessarily negative? I have a passion for reading and travel and writing, but could I ever be addicted to these things?

What about people? Can we be addicted to people? Does such a concept even make sense?

I guess the overuse of the term bothers me, because it removes individual control, while at the same time apologizing for conduct that might be viewed as wrong by others.

This weekend, I came home to find my white cat with an orange face. Apparently she likes Cheetos, too, but she never claimed to be addicted to them.

What are your addictions?

"Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left the town." -- George Carlin


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