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Start Seeing Vampires -- Writer's Poke #294

I can go days without seeing a single vampire. And to be completely honest, I cannot confirm that I’ve ever seen a real-life blood-sucker. Is there something wrong with me?

Do vampires exist? If so, how do they manage to stay so well hidden from the general human population? If vampires made themselves known, a majority of people would most likely scoff and doubt. Because while many people are plugged into the vampire fantasy, accepting a vampire reality is a different story.

Although I’m fairly open-minded, I don’t actually believe in vampires. I’m not even agnostic about it, really. Vampires don’t exist, and yet, I can see them in my imagination. In that sense, vampires are quite real. The problem with imagination, however, is that sometimes people forget what they can see in their minds’ eye exists only in that realm.

And yet, even though vampires “speak” to hearts of many, it’s a voice detached from actual physical form. It is a voice that has, over time, filled a void. In other words, vampires exist because human beings need them to exist. The ultimate question is: Why do we need vampires to exist?

Analyze the need fulfilled by vampires in human society.

“I have never met a vampire personally, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow.” – Bela Lugosi


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