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Loss -- Writer's Poke #299

Tavi lost her best friend last week. Damn you, Kansas City.

A little bit more frustrating is the fact that she never got to say one final goodbye. Granted, a 3-year old doesn't understand "goodbye" or distance or moving, but one last goodbye would have been nice.

They had sold their house, and they were staying at the hotel one last day. The "plan" was for Tavi and Abigail to swim together one last time. When Linda called the hotel that afternoon, however, they had already checked out. I'm sure they were preoccupied and busy, but still, they never even bothered to call to say goodbye, or to let us know that they were leaving.

A week later, Tavi is still talking about Abigail, and I'm sure she will for some time to come. Loss sucks, but maybe being on the receiving end of inconsideration sucks even more.

How do you handle loss?

"Accept loss forever." -- Jack Kerouac


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