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Transforming the Devil Within -- Writer's Poke #304

Rage lives inside each of us. How to best learn to deal with that rage is the question. Gerard Jones in “Violent Media Is Good for Kids” suggests that contemporary society has taught us to fear our emotions. As a result, we try to ignore our feelings, or keep them bottled up. Doing so, not surprisingly, isn’t a very healthy approach, and it can be quite damaging.

Participating in violent fantasies can be empowering. Does this statement cause us discomfort, and if so, why? Jones claims that all children experience rage, and the problem isn’t rage itself, but the way we learn to deal with our feelings. Pretending that rage doesn’t exist does not help us to “master” our feelings. And therefore when the rage surfaces, it is the rage that takes control – just as when the Hulk emerges, he assumes complete control over Bruce Banner. Children that participate in violent fantasies acknowledge the devil within, but unlike Bruce Banner, they are able to keep the devil in check by this act of acknowledgement.

How do you handle rage? What techniques might you practice to ensure that your “Bruce Banner” persona keeps your “Hulk” in check?

“Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes; fools by their own.” -- H. G. Bohn


  1. Bought the kids a punching bag at Target on clearance (regularly-priced $100, clearance = $25). Should help when they get so mad, they want to hit something. Also, I was rather surprised at yesterday's post that quoted Roman Polanski on morality. I don't think child-rapists are allowed a voice on the topic. Just a thought. Keep writing and I'll keep disagreeing! xoxo Mar

  2. I don't have much rage inside of me. Anger perhaps, sometimes, but never rage. I guess good parenting, instead of encouraging the kids with a punching bad, made me the calm and thinking person I am today.


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