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2011 Greetings

I felt a deep sense of withdrawal yesterday -- yesterday being my first day of freedom.

Fall semester, I completed 42 credits of teaching and studenting. Man, that's a lot. Most of my students take 12 hours of classes and seem overwhelmed. Most of my colleagues teach 15 hours of classes and seem frazzled. And, of course there are the university-prof types that teach a total of three class a year and think they've overworked.

Well, whatever. By the way, what the hell is burnout?

Funny thing is, my blood pressure meds apparently numb me to stress. That's not exactly true; I feel stress, but not in the way that the average nutcase feels it. To me, it just feels like a hug. Envelope me in your busy goodness, my friend.

Winter Break is akin to Summer Break's bastard step-cousin that nobody really likes. I hate to bitch about having 3 weeks off, but it's just long enough to not fully enjoy. Not to mention, of course, that 2012 looms. One year closer to death.

Speaking of death, I plan to turn 40 in about 18 months. How did that happen? I like to assume that 40 is half-way to death, but who am I to predict? Maybe I'll live to see 2073. Now that would be a trip.

I feel a lot better today. Today, I'll finish off Mark Vonnegut's Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So, and maybe I'll finally watch the new Kylie Minogue DVD and drink those mimosas I promised myself last week to celebrate the end to another rockin' semester.


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