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The Road Less Travelled Phone App -- Writer's Poke #289

Students seem to love the poetry of Robert Frost; my guess is: they love it because it's highly accessible, and the selections provided in the typical anthology are easy to relate to.

Take "The Road Less Travelled," for example. Who can't imagine being at a fork in the road?  In the poem, the traveler admits that both roads have their appeal, but the choice he selects is the road less travelled. And that, he says, has made all the difference.

What the "difference" is, of course, isn't clear, and the traveler admits that he'll probably never be able to try out the other road. So, how does he actually know if taking the less travelled road made more or less difference? Even in this rather "clear" poem, some ambiguity remains.

But it got me to thinking. Wouldn't it make a great phone app to see what the other road was like? These days, we have the GPS technology. We wouldn't have to "guess" at all. In a sense, we could &q…