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Showing posts from April 3, 2011

Kaku World Tour -- University of Minnesota Stop

Dr. Fuller and Dr. Kaku

When Richard Dawkins came to the University of Minnesota campus two years ago, organizers knew that he would draw a crowd. They charged a hefty ticket price for admission, but they gave him a big enough venue to accommodate the crowd.

Unfortunately, all Michio Kaku got was space in the campus bookstore. So although the bookstore had a few hundred chairs set up, it wasn't enough for the crowd -- which probably topped 500, easy.

And what a crowd it was. I felt like I was lost on the set of Big Bang Theory with a bunch of extras shipped in for a special shoot.

When I got my 5 seconds with Dr. Kaku, I asked him if he ever had the chance to watch the Fringe. At first he wasn't sure what I had asked, but then he said, "Oh, yeah, I should watch that." I was a bit disappointed that he hadn't seen the show, but if I run into him again, I'll be sure to give him Season 1 on DVD.