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Butt Double -- Writer's Poke #295

In Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, Ace Frehley had a black fill-in/stunt double. This was quite noticeable, to say the least, every time the "black Ace" appeared on screen.

Now it has come out that Mila Kunis used a butt body double in her new film Friends with Benefits. Here's the difference: Mila was involved in the selection process of finding her derriere double, and she wanted to make sure that the butt selected matches the butt that is attached to her torso. In other words, when audiences watch Friends with Benefits, they will assume that the butt on screen is Mila's. The butt will not stick out like a black Ace Frehley.

So, if Mila is willing to let audiences assume that the butt is in fact the genuine article, why didn't she just shoot the scenes herself? Someone should take the time to get to the bottom of this. After all, the film is promoting Mila Kunis, including her butt. Some generic butt is not what fans are paying good money to see. It's t…

Hitchcock driving a Beetle

I had this weird idea: Hitchcock driving a Beetle...

Start Seeing Vampires -- Writer's Poke #294

I can go days without seeing a single vampire. And to be completely honest, I cannot confirm that I’ve ever seen a real-life blood-sucker. Is there something wrong with me?

Do vampires exist? If so, how do they manage to stay so well hidden from the general human population? If vampires made themselves known, a majority of people would most likely scoff and doubt. Because while many people are plugged into the vampire fantasy, accepting a vampire reality is a different story.

Although I’m fairly open-minded, I don’t actually believe in vampires. I’m not even agnostic about it, really. Vampires don’t exist, and yet, I can see them in my imagination. In that sense, vampires are quite real. The problem with imagination, however, is that sometimes people forget what they can see in their minds’ eye exists only in that realm.

And yet, even though vampires “speak” to hearts of many, it’s a voice detached from actual physical form. It is a voice that has, over time, filled a void. In other…

Definition of Greatness -- Writer's Poke #293

Do you remember Brokeback Mountain? It won 3 Academy Awards, and according to wikipedia, it is one of the top 10 grossing romances of all time. But have you ever heard someone say, "Gee, let's make some popcorn and pop in Brokeback Mountain"? No, you have not. This is a movie that is good for one required viewing, but it's not a movie that most people will want to watch again and again and again.

I don't mean to pick on Brokeback Mountain. Other movies that fit in this "just watch once" category include Million Dollar Babies and The Sixth Sense. For a variety of reasons, some movies are the equivilent of "one-view wonders." Of course some people feel the same way about the Grand Canyon. See it once, and you never need to go back. It might be the "bucketlist mentality." Watch it, do it, check it off, and move on.

On the other hand, people often watch other "lower quality" films over and over and over. Harold and Kumar Go t…

Who Is the Average Dokken Fan?

Dokken has been around for 30 years, but I'm actually one of those rare birds that just picked them up five years ago.

So, who are the core Dokken fans? Does a core even exist?

Last night they played a free outdoor show in Rochester, and probably a few hundred people came out. Some came to see Dokken, sure, but a lot of people just came out because it was something free to do. The first three people sitting in front of me, for example, read through the entire show. The woman in the above picture read a magazine, even after it got too dark to read. And the couple to our right were each reading novels.

Something tells me that none of them had any idea who Dokken is, but I could be wrong...

McDonald's Drive-Thru Surprise

"If your order is accurate on the screen, please pull to the first window."

It was, and I did. But when I left McDonalds, I had to wonder. How close to my order did they come?

1. I ordered a Hamburger Happy Meal with Apple Dippers and Chocolate milk.

2. Drive-Thru gave me two Happy Meal boxes, but no drinks for either.

3. When I looked inside the first box, I found one Hamburger Happy Meal, but with fries.

4. In the other, I found McNuggets, but no side. And, it was a 6-piece order, not the 4-piece standard with Happy Meals.

Secondary observation: On the Drive-Thru window, McDonalds was advertising for workers. The ad was in Spanish.