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Showing posts from August 7, 2011

I Am Vince McMahon -- Writer's Poke #302

Vince McMahon has a love/hate relationship with his job. He is so involved in the product, but he is a slave to the product. Sometimes, he seems like he'd rather be doing anything but professional wrestling, but he's never found a way out. He will always be a professional wrestling promoter, no matter how many other ventures he attempts.

For years, Vince has tried to remove the stigma attached to professional wrestling. First, he changed the name. He called it "Sports Entertainment," and he prohibited announcers from using the term "professional wrestling." Professional Wrestlers ceased to exist. Instead, they were called "performers" or "workers." Recently, he even attempted to change "Sports Entertainment" into, simply, "Entertainment."

I never appreciated the way Vince has tried to remove professional wrestling from the product, but it occurred to me that I have done the same thing with English in English classe…

Lena Katina, "Never Forget"

This is a pretty song. Strong rock vibe, good lyrics, and a video with high-production values that compliments the song. Good stuff.

Lena Katina, "Dear in the Headlights" (Owl Creek)

First, what a great cover. I love it when artists introduce songs from bands I've never run across before. It's like a win-win. I love this version, and now I know about Owl Creek... Cool :)

"He got the sense he wasn't my type, by black eye and bloody nose" -- Love it!

Katy Perry Naked

Naked, as in naked with raw talent. But seriously, this is a metal cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." It hypnotizes me, and I can literally watch this video over and over ago. Not sure why, but Death Metal is the perfect genre for this song. Do you agree?

Dancing around the World

Somebody comes up with a simple, cool idea, and you wish you had thought and done it first... Such is the case with Dancing around the World. Very cool. Very important message, really. (Inspiration: Joseph Campbell)