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Camping Encounter with a One-Legged Girl

Two young Yankee men on a camping trip were walking down a rural county road in northern Georgia. Hopping towards them from the opposite direction was a one-legged girl. She was easily the most beautiful girl either had ever seen.

"Howdy boys," she said. "Spend the night with me, and I'll promise you a night you'll never forget." The boys looked at each other and quickly agreed to take the girl up on her offer.

The next morning, the more forward of the two, a boy named Justin, spoke up: "Say, you're the most amazing girl I've ever known, but could you tell us what happened to your leg?"

"Sure," said the girl. "It's no secret that folks in these parts are simple. I made the mistake of telling my daddy that I wanted to go to college. He was alright with that actually, until I told him I wanted to be a horticulturalist. For that, he cut off my leg."

The boys exchanged glances. "That's unbelievable," said Justin. "You must really hate your daddy."

"I reckon I do," said the girl, "but more for what he done to my boyfriend than for what he done to me."

"What did he do to your boyfriend?" asked the more shy boy, a boy named Tim.

"He done had him castrated."

"What for?" asked Justin.

"He made the mistake of telling my daddy that he wanted to go to college, too."

"For what?" asked Tim.

"To study English," replied the one-legged girl.


True story.


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