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Love Curious -- Writer's Poke #359

When one of Tomek’s plans backfires, he sacrifices himself. He makes sure that the humiliation falls on him and not on the woman he loves.

Tomek works at the post office, and he develops a plan. He sends a note to the woman he watches, Magda, informing her that she has a money order waiting for pick-up at the post office. The idea works the first time, but the second time she goes to the post office only to find no money order, she asks to speak with Tomek’s manager. The manager assumes that Magda is trying to commit fraud, and Tomek chases after her to explain that he had been responsible for the whole money-order scheme.

Although Magda is not happy to learn that Tomek has been stalking her for the past year, stealing her mail, and generally harassing her, she nevertheless feels drawn to him. She agrees to go out with him for a drink, and when he tells her that he loves her, she not surprisingly questions his use of the word. At the same time, she takes pity on poor Tomek; she claims not to be a “nice woman,” but at the same time, she must be attracted to his innocence. She understands that he never intended to hurt her, and although she is directly responsible for one of her lovers punching him in the face, she never wanted to hurt him. Teach him a lesson? Maybe. Hurt him? No.

Tomek claims that he wants nothing from her. He doesn’t want to kiss her; he doesn’t want to make love to her. But what does Magda want? She claims not to believe in love, but her pull to Tomek indicates that she believes in something. Or is at least curious about something. What?

“Are you stalking me? Because that would be super.” – Ryan Reynolds


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