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Ten Facts about Tibet -- Writer's Poke #376

The website illustrates that the fight for who controls the idea of Tibet is not yet resolved. China might have assumed political and military control, but it has yet to win all hearts and minds. Following is the link to an interesting page on this website that lists ten facts about Tibet. All the facts listed are political and connect specifically to the mission of the website. ( )

For facts of a more trivial or fun nature, check out’s Tibet facts page: ( Below are tidbits of knowledge about Tibet that you will gain when you make your visit:

Q: What is the average altitude of Tibet?

A: 14,000 feet. Covering an area the size of western Europe, Tibet consists of a vast plateau at an average altitude of 14,000 feet. It is one of the most sensitive and unique environments on Earth.


Q: In greetings, Tibetans honor guests by placing a decorative cloth around their neck. What is the name of ceremonial scarf?

A: Kata. A kata can be white or yellow. It’s often decorated with symbols or Tibetan prayers, but can also be plain. They often give these as a greeting but also to honor performers whom they enjoy.


Q: What is the most common Tibetan funeral method?

A: Sky burial. In sky burial, the body is left on a mountain top. The birds come and feast, thus the lifecycle continues.


Oh yeah... sometimes Buddhists like to set themselves on fire. It's a method of protest.

How difficult would it be to learn 10 facts about every cultural/country/religion in the world? How might making that commitment matter to our “everyday lives”?

“I’ve been to Nepal, but I’d like to go to Tibet. It must be a wonderful place to go. I don’t think there’s anything there, but it would be a nice place to visit.” – David Attenborough


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