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Santa Claus: Equal to or Greater than St. Nick?

So Santa Claus is a Christian? I guess that’s right, but for some reason, I thought he was bigger than that.

It’s almost Christmas, and so NPR did a segment today to explain how Santa Claus is able to do what he does each and every year. The person doing the segment interviewed experts from Fed Ex and UPS, and using standard business methods, they determined that Santa Claus would need approximately X million employees to deliver 760 million gifts to all the good Christian boys and girls around the world.

Actually, the Fed Ex and UPS gentlemen were provided with the 760 million figure, which is apparently the number of Christian boys and girls around the world.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked at this point in the story. I realize that Christmas is a “Christian” holiday -- as if that matters to anyone  -- but hasn’t Santa Claus moved beyond Christianity? Doesn't he give gifts to all the nice boys and girls around the world, regardless of a child's parents' religious affiliation or beliefs?

Maybe not. Maybe for millions of children around the world, December 25 is just another present-less day. It seems that Santa keeps more than “Naughty” and “Nice” lists; he also keeps a baptism list as well? Or, what about children in Christian families, who, according to their parents’ chosen religion, may be too young to be baptized? Are they counted as “Christian”? Or, are they included in a special ancillary category, such as: "Christians-in-training," or "apprentice Christians"?

My daughter mentions God every once in a while, mainly because her good Christian grandparents have mentioned God to her and have taken her to church. Surprisingly, she receives presents on Christmas; although I don’t consider her to be Christian, somehow Santa Claus has insider information? She’s just five years old. I simply consider her to be a little girl.


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