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Repeat -- Writer's Poke #432

If you go into your favorite restaurant, do you have a good idea what you’ll order before you look at the menu? Even so, you still look at the menu, right? Why? Social convention? Or, is it actually possible that you might order the Spam and peanut butter sandwich?

If you’re at home and need to go to the store to pick up some household items, where do you go? If you normally go to Target for these items, how likely is it that you will, on a whim, decide to go some place different? Have you ever ended up at Shopko if you always shop at Target?

What about when you wake up in the morning, and you need to get ready to go to work? Is it pretty likely that you have a developed routine that you more or less follow? I bet you even know how much time you need to complete this routine. And if you drive to work, you have a designated route, don’t you? How often do you try different routes? For that matter, how often do you think to carpool or walk or bike or take the bus? In other words, even though you have other options available, you don’t utilize them. You probably don’t even consider them.

People – yes you too – are predictable. That Spam and peanut butter sandwich might be heaven on a bun; you might save hundreds of dollars a year shopping at Shopko; and think of all the new friends you might make if you took the bus to work. But you’ll never know, because you aren’t the type to try anything out of the ordinary.

Who is?

How predictable are you? Does it bother you?

“One you become predictable, no one’s interested anymore.” – Chet Atkins


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