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Frank and Louie -- Writer's Poke #442

Frank and Louie is a two-faced cat. Or, to put it another way, Frank and Louie is a cat with two faces. Seems pretty freaky when you first see it, but my thought is simply this: Does it know how to use a litter box, and does it use its litter box each and every time it goes to the bathroom. If so, then that cat’s alright with me.

We’ve been keeping our cat, Turkey, locked up in the basement because she keeps peeing on our beds when she’s upstairs. She’s literally lived in a barn for the first few months of her live, and I suppose you can take the cat out of the barn, but you cannot take the barn out of the cat.

Last night I felt pity for her and I let her out of the basement. She was good all day yesterday, but this morning as I was running around getting ready for work, she peed all over my comforter. Maybe it was a relief for her, but it didn’t provide me with the same feeling. Needless to say, Turkey is now back the basement and will be for the foreseeable future.

While she’s in the basement, she uses her litter box religiously. That is, she’s very devout about using her litter box. Or, maybe I should just say she doesn’t have any problems using her litter box. Liberate her to the rest of the house, however, and she takes on this carpe diem attitude of “I will pee whenever and wherever the mood strikes me.” I guess she just doesn’t want to make the effort to go down stairs. Maybe the basement scares her?

Why are pets worth the trouble?

“Those who’ll play with cats must expect to be scratched.” – Cervantes


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