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Liftoff -- Writer's Poke #443

I like to think I’m special, but if forced to examine what makes me special, I might have to be honest. I’ve had a lot of breaks and opportunities. You have, too, right? People that have had a chance to explore their specialness have been blessed with a luxury that other people all around the world have been denied.

Human potential. I strongly believe in it, but I also recognize that most people do not live in circumstances that allow them to realize their potential. I’m sure that many – probably all –  kids born on May 24, 1973, have talents, skills, perspectives, etc., which make them every bit as special as I am. How many of them have already died before figuring out what made them special? How many continue to live in developing countries, spending most of their energies finding ways to survive from day to day?

At this point in my life, I don’t feel like I’ve reached my potential. I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be in that regard. I keep studying, and I keep thinking, and I keep working, but my ever-visible goals remains in front of me – always just beyond my reach. From this life of privilege I’ve enjoyed, I still feel as though my life’s mission is on the launching pad, but when will I be given the green light to take off?

My life has been in the countdown stage for a long time now, and perhaps the blastoff moment is near. Or, perhaps the mission will be delayed, again, and I’ll remain on the launching pad for a little while longer. I’m simply thankful that I’ve made it to the launching pad; most people, or so it seems to me, never even have a chance to dream about exploring regions beyond hand-to-mouth existence.

Has your life experienced liftoff?

“For NASA, space is still a high priority.” – Dan Quayle


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