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Showing posts from January 6, 2013

Do Something -- Writer's Poke #392

The problem with life is figuring out how each day fits into the big picture. After all, just how much can anyone accomplish in just one day? It often seems so trivial. This morning, for example, I checked-in on my two online classes; then, I went to the coffee shop to read some philosophy. From here, I will go to the gym. In the afternoon, I plan to watch a movie, and then it will be time to pick up my daughter from preschool, make dinner, spend time with my family, and go to bed.
Honestly, today is and will continue to be a great day. Everything I’m doing, even watching the movie, has a specific purpose. I am being “productive,” “healthy,” and “responsible.” All good things, yes? But at the same time, it all looks so mundane. So normal. And, in some respects, so “blah.” That’s it? That’s my day?
But that’s how life works. You live day-by-day, and each day can be a step in the right direction, or it can be nothing. Today, for me, is a step in the right direction, but I have to remind m…