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The Definition of American -- Writer's Poke #430

People can drive whatever they want; I understand that. But why do so many people feel the need to drive oversized vehicles? If I’m correct, most people only need a small car for day-to-day trips. Small cars can be surprisingly roomy and comfortable for one or two people, too. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been sometimes tempted to buy a SUV; after all, I am an American. If I ever succumb to the temptation, though, I hope someone will quickly put me out of my misery. I drive a dinky little VW Beetle; most Americans these days seem to drive SUVs, big trucks, and minivans. Americans like space and comfort, and it’s exhibited in the vehicles they drive. I watch the users of these vehicles, and most of the time, they seem to use their vehicles in the same exact way I use mine; that is, we’re all just driving from point A to point B. As far as I can tell, most of them aren’t transporting baseball teams to games; nor are they hauling new furniture home from the store; in other words, the extra s…