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The Purpose of Poke

The pokes are invitations for you to write, and I would encourage you to read the pokes, reflect on one that interests you, and spend at least 10-15 minutes writing a response to the writing prompt provided. If you’d like to share your response to the prompt, feel free to drop me a line.
I treat my pokes as I hope you will treat your responses: as “freewrites” or rough drafts. Your main concern should be with utilizing writing as a way to learn what you think about a particular topic or issue. Don’t be overly concerned with the quality of your writing — at least, don’t worry about that until you have something written. You can always revise and polish later.

Once I’ve written 300 pokes, my idea is to go back through and revise the ones I like and delete the ones I don’t like. Ultimately, I plan to submit the collection for publication.

I welcome any feedback, comments, or responses you might have for this project.

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